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Aug 31

MEDIA LOG #1 – 8/31/2014

Here is a sample of things I’ve been reading, watching, or otherwise consuming. 

Blogs and websites:


Streaming Online: 

  • Parks and Recreation (re-watching)
  • Law and Order: SVU (re-watching)
  • Family Guy (re-watching)

Tubeplus.Me (pirate streaming)

  • Newer episodes of the shows listed above, not available on Netflix
  • Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
  • RuPaul’s Drag Race (assorted episodes)

Vimeo and Youtube

  • Cuts of my personal video projects
  • Beyonce performance videos
  • Twerk videos
  • Rap videos









Music: (audio playlists) (DJ tracks)

ASSIGNMENT: 5 Images I Don’t Like

ASSIGNMENT: 5 Images I Like 

ASSIGNMENT: Design Preferences vs. Design Prejudices

in no particular order. 


-Conversation pits in living rooms, a la the 1970s

-Crisp white bedding

-Waist darts, deep v-necks and A-line skirts

-Booty shorts

-Black and white graphic prints

-Lots of negative space

-Trip hop and music without lyrics

-Anything repetitive (sounds, prints, production design)

-Anything my grandmother would buy (lucite jewelry, sweaters from the 1960s)

-Glasses with big frames


-A strong eyebrow and a strong lip

-Cool light (as opposed to warm light)

-Cut off jean shorts 

- Long box braids, undercuts, combed greased haircuts

-A dirty two shot, with a rack focus

-The Ford Bronco



-Flare jeans 

-Sweetheart necklines

-Almost every single blog template I’ve ever seen. 

-The new Honda CRV and Toyota Rav-4

-Perfect punctuation and spelling in text messages (you look like a douchebag)

-Men’s pleated pants

-Any men’s shoe with top stitching, no closure and no laces

-Low frame rates in video playback

-Anything with Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe printed on it. 

-Free-form Jazz

-Piano rock/pop– much of the music from the 1980s


-Any trope featured in the film “Garden State”

-Overly manicured shrubbery on front lawns

-Matching your outfit excessively. 

-Times New Roman


ASSIGNMENT: Sound Scape 20 Minute Study @ The Colador Cafe, Bedford Aveune Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn

smooth jazz, the electric bass bump

that overly sampled r&b but it still 

“do you know the wifi password?”

“no, I just asked. they don’t have wifi here anymore.”


needles scratching on a record


the squeakiest door ever opening and slowly closing, 

it sounds like someone saying “wheeee!”

brief clips of what sounds like a dentist’s drill

sneaking in when the door swings open. 

“how are we getting home?”

“do you have cash?”

“we don’t have a large, is that ok?”


i can’t see it, but i’m sure it’s an espresso machine

whir whir zoom zoom swoosh

high hat tapping and saxophone riffs 

wheeeeee! drilling sounds

“stop. i know that. you said it three times already.”

the sound of a metal cage banging 

“ding” tinder alert. 

wheeeeee! drilling sounds. 

change jingling

is that a melodica?

heavy wooden stools dragging on the stone floor

“thank you!” 

wheeee! drilling sounds

ketchup bottle, salt shaker and hot sauce bottle clanking together. 

murmurs, bassy subwoofer, running water.

wheeee! drilling sounds. 

someone is whistling to this song. 

“ooooOooOooOOOhhhhhhh” more r&b. 

minor notes on a piano. 

a guy in front of me turning the pages of his book. 

flit, flit. 

jingling chimes, or the sound of metal coins singing. 

finger snap

wheeeee!! drilling sound. 

“how you doing?”

“large iced coffee.”

incomprehensible Jamaican rap flow

phlemy “uhhummmmm”

snap, ka-ching

honk honk

reverberating iphone unlock sound

the tiny tearing sound of a splenda packet

“how you like me now?”

pop the plastic lid on a cup

wheeee! drilling sounds. 

saloon style door swings open like “HEY!”

“gotta go take care of my dog.”


“go walk to your dog and come back.”

rhythmic dialing of a land line telephone

husky male voice whispering into his cell phone

husky male voice coughing

wheeee! drilling sounds. 


big bus accelerates vuuuuuhhroooooooooooom. 

that electric bass bump

police radio, lovely lady’s voice saying “between Bedford and Gates.”


Feb 23

Behind the scenes of The Silent Comedy’s video shoot. I met a white, blonde haired background actor who couldn’t stop freestyling (pictured in denim vest). Art put up the string lights, essentially the best go-to set styling anyone could ask for. 

Secret music video shoot in a Brooklyn speakeasy last week. The band is called The Silent Comedy. I washed out about 50 liquor bottles in ice cold sink water. Because this location was so “secret” we had trouble getting inside the building at the call time (9:00am). The result was a breaking and entering via art department carpenters at 9:30am. In the snow. 

Jan 29

I spent more time and effort hunting down lamp shades and garment racks than I ever thought possible. 

A long, tiring, eventful shoot day 2, Gary’s Loft, Brooklyn. Set dressing, propping, puppies, makeup. A girl’s dream. I mostly tried to keep this stuff organized (tried). Also lighting those candles in the bathroom scorched my fingertips.

Revlon commercial shoot day 1. Various locations throughout SoHo. 

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