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Sep 10


This week, in terms of visual imagery, I have not drifted too far from my standard fare. 

Videos Watched:


-Parks and Recreations

-Law and Order: SVU

-Mad Men

-Email Order Bride (documentary)


-The Colbert Report

-The Daily Show with Jon Stewart


-Local News (NBC)


-“The Anchorite,” one of my own feature length films


-I have been collecting images of the male form via Tinder

-I have been sending images of myself via Tinder

-I have been Snapchatting and Instagramming like a crazy person

Some examples of pictures and video I have uploaded or otherwise shared this week:


My new profile picture on Facebook. 

Surfing Pikachu .gif

Masters of Sexism – Claps and Catcall, segment by Jessica Williams on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” 


Snapchat I sent to my ex-boyfriend of my lunch. 


Instagram post of our espresso percolator.


My best friend sent me a photo of her foot-long haircut. 


Screengrab of “30 Rock” by friend posted to my Facebook wall. 

A screenshot from my iPhone of a guy from Tinder I want to meet up with. 

ASSIGNMENT: 7 Photos of Gestalt Principles Principles, Found

ASSIGNMENT: 7 Photos of Gestalt Principles by Me

Sep 9

Sep 3

ASSIGNMENT: Response to “Agarrando Pueblo” (“The Vampires of Poverty”)


I finally finished watching “Agarrando Pueblo.” 

I have to admit, I wasn’t paying close enough attention to realize, until the end, that this was satirical. I was hoping and suspecting it was, but I was ultimately surprised at the reveal. 

However, because I didn’t initially pick up on the satirical nature of this story, I was deeply repulsed by what I was watching. 

There is something despicable about some holier-than-thou decision maker (in this case, German TV people, natch) sending people into the slums of Latin America to capture “real suffering.” The best (worst?) part being that the camera crew and director were Colombians, locals, who really knew where to go. 

Seeing the truly destitute people on the streets with the cameras shoved in their faces with no regard was upsetting. The most stomach turning scene to me was when the director tossed coins into the fountain, asking young poor boys to get naked and dive in for them.

"Watch out for the glass, don’t cut yourself." 

"You cut yourself? Here is some money for a Band-Aid."

The kid was better off using the bill to wrap his foot. The pursuit of money was clearly their directive– but also so foreign a concept. Cash was something that these children did not have, and likely never had. Watching children being taken advantage of for sport, for entertainment, against their best interests for a few coins was powerful. 

Obviously, the final scenes with the actor Luis Alfonso Londoño were the climax of this short film. We see a beggar man, looking so haggard and frightening, fight back against these assholes…using his own asshole. Somehow, wiping his ass with fresh dollar bills showed self-respect. He asks “What am I worth to you? How much money am I worth?” It was riveting to see someone stand up for these disadvantaged people, and for that person to seem crazy and indecent himself. An unlikely hero to say the least. 

Watching the short interview with Londoño at the end was an eye-opener. I am ashamed to say how surprised I was to hear how articulate and intelligent he seemed. That final interview might have been the best feat this short film attained. It made me realize that the story is not just about cashing in on the hardships of others, but that everyone is aware that it’s going on. 

Aug 31

MEDIA LOG #1 – 8/31/2014

Here is a sample of things I’ve been reading, watching, or otherwise consuming. 

Blogs and websites:


Streaming Online: 

  • Parks and Recreation (re-watching)
  • Law and Order: SVU (re-watching)
  • Family Guy (re-watching)

Tubeplus.Me (pirate streaming)

  • Newer episodes of the shows listed above, not available on Netflix
  • Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
  • RuPaul’s Drag Race (assorted episodes)

Vimeo and Youtube

  • Cuts of my personal video projects
  • Beyonce performance videos
  • Twerk videos
  • Rap videos









Music: (audio playlists) (DJ tracks)

ASSIGNMENT: 5 Images I Don’t Like

ASSIGNMENT: 5 Images I Like 

ASSIGNMENT: Design Preferences vs. Design Prejudices

in no particular order. 


-Conversation pits in living rooms, a la the 1970s

-Crisp white bedding

-Waist darts, deep v-necks and A-line skirts

-Booty shorts

-Black and white graphic prints

-Lots of negative space

-Trip hop and music without lyrics

-Anything repetitive (sounds, prints, production design)

-Anything my grandmother would buy (lucite jewelry, sweaters from the 1960s)

-Glasses with big frames


-A strong eyebrow and a strong lip

-Cool light (as opposed to warm light)

-Cut off jean shorts 

- Long box braids, undercuts, combed greased haircuts

-A dirty two shot, with a rack focus

-The Ford Bronco



-Flare jeans 

-Sweetheart necklines

-Almost every single blog template I’ve ever seen. 

-The new Honda CRV and Toyota Rav-4

-Perfect punctuation and spelling in text messages (you look like a douchebag)

-Men’s pleated pants

-Any men’s shoe with top stitching, no closure and no laces

-Low frame rates in video playback

-Anything with Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe printed on it. 

-Free-form Jazz

-Piano rock/pop– much of the music from the 1980s


-Any trope featured in the film “Garden State”

-Overly manicured shrubbery on front lawns

-Matching your outfit excessively. 

-Times New Roman


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