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Feb 23

Behind the scenes of The Silent Comedy’s video shoot. I met a white, blonde haired background actor who couldn’t stop freestyling (pictured in denim vest). Art put up the string lights, essentially the best go-to set styling anyone could ask for. 

Secret music video shoot in a Brooklyn speakeasy last week. The band is called The Silent Comedy. I washed out about 50 liquor bottles in ice cold sink water. Because this location was so “secret” we had trouble getting inside the building at the call time (9:00am). The result was a breaking and entering via art department carpenters at 9:30am. In the snow. 

Jan 29

I spent more time and effort hunting down lamp shades and garment racks than I ever thought possible. 

A long, tiring, eventful shoot day 2, Gary’s Loft, Brooklyn. Set dressing, propping, puppies, makeup. A girl’s dream. I mostly tried to keep this stuff organized (tried). Also lighting those candles in the bathroom scorched my fingertips.

Revlon commercial shoot day 1. Various locations throughout SoHo. 

Shopping. It never gets old. Propshops Eclectic Encore, State Supply, good old Ikea. Revlon makeup commercial for

Pizza in Billyburg

Pizza in Billyburg

A trinket from Old 37 that made it’s way back home to Brooklyn with me. 

A trinket from Old 37 that made it’s way back home to Brooklyn with me. 

The art crew. Clockwise from the top: the moment we struck the kill shack set and pretended to pass out, the girls hauling the rusted frame of a Jeep to set in the rain, me, our PA Jackie and our art director NiNi having one last smoke before departing for the city outside our Long Island home, the entire set decorating crew with special guest Martha the corpse, me, PA Jane and NiNi hamming it up with Kane Hodder and Bill Moseley, horror movie legends, at the junk yard. 

Incredibly inexpensive and fun way to decorate background walls for a teenager’s bedroom. $1 bin vintage record sleeves. 

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